A Moment In Time Santa Rosa

// same thing, years later//

once again i say how i feel and you,”just cant deal with it”. and once again i am left with all my cards on the table as i watch you stuff more up your sleeve. Maybe we havnt changed as much as we like to think.

// Mess of the day//

If I was broken, then all that’s left is pieces, and no one wants to clean that up….

What has changed, over the last few years. Why would it work now but not then, I’m.still just as broken.

// Once again//

My mind can’t be stoped, over flowing with thoughts of you, what was and what could have been.
I didn’t get to fall out of love like u did

One day, I will fly so high and so far away, that you will wonder if I was even real.

And on that day, I will be so far past you, that I won’t remember your name.

Untill that time, I can bite my tongue because I know what dreams may come.

As it all crashes down around me, I still can’t help but feel complete. Because all i know is ruble, and all I see is chaos. I am a product of my environment, a broken, dysfunctional environment.


two days
three breaths
one live
a child
a marrage
A down fall of sanity